Gmail Finally Extends Search Filter Options From Web To Android, After One Year

Launched on 1st April, 2004 Gmail was the beginning of a new era that entirely changed the concept of sending and receiving emails. Even though Gmail was Google's first service offered since its launch in 1988, it had quickly gained popularity as means of communications amongst high profile representatives and offices. Since then, it has been introduced with updates every year over several of its versions including different updates to Linux, Desktop, Android and iOS versions of the application.

Even though there has been a huge upscale and rise of mobile phone users in the last decade, the best and full feature version of Gmail is only available on the web. However, mobile applications of Gmail have now finally caught up with some features of the web service as Google recently announced that the users on Android devices will soon experience the filters that are featured only on the web version.

The search filter option allows the users to apply date, time, sender, content and all other query features that are available under the dropdown option on the search bar in the web version. What has been perked up in the Android version is the fact that users can now filter emails with the specification of attachments included in the email and even the number or content of these attachments.

Recognizing the importance of this update, Gmail has located and pinpointed on the final date for the full release of the future with the update being rolled out at the moment and completely spread out over the course of the month and finally spreading out to everyone by the end of October to all android user utilizing the services of the application.

In a statement, Google mentioned that this service will be extended to all current and new customers of the Google Workspace as well as organizations and firms that utilize the G Suite Basic and Business programs extended as a package by the tech giant.

Even though, search chips were introduced a while ago to the android devices, they still lacked the advanced features provided by the web version. And with the new update now rolling out, the gap between the two platforms is finally closing down allowing Gmail to function same and accessible across devices as well garner more support in terms of both users and critics as filtering emails is considered a primary and an ever important feature.

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