Google finally takes right hand car drivers into consideration by updating Android auto with adjustable control buttons

The world has changed digitally the most since last decade and is continuously evolving since then. Google has played a huge role in the transformation in many ways than one can count, firstly it provided the Google search engine which drastically changed everything from searching for meanings to running a business and promoting it on the platform. However, Google did not stop there and presented Gmail, Google Play, Google Photos, Google Chrome, Google Maps and many others.

Each app has been playing an essential part in modern life for more than a decade now. Although the apps are continuously developed according to the needs of their users.

A few years back Google launched Android app that connects your smart phone to your car providing you easier access to calls, audio messages and maps while driving. The application also supports touch and voice command both which makes it effortlessly easy yet quite helpful. Google built Android Auto to perfection with keeping the practical plan and consequences of driving and navigation in mind. Even though Google did a great job at it, there were a few cracks in the application. One of which was the placement of control buttons. The application had the control buttons on left side of the screen making it easier for the driver to access, but unfortunately Google didn't consider right handed cars while manufacturing the app. As a matter of fact there are more right handed traffic countries in this world than left handed traffic countries. The position of the control buttons made it difficult for right handed car drivers to use them. This was considered a huge drawback of Android Auto until recently Google updated the application and put an end to this matter by adding an adjustable navigation bar on the application, which will move to left or right accordingly. Now Android Auto users either with left handed car or right handed car will have easier access to the control buttons. Currently, this feature will be automatically adjusted according to the car but Google has promised to add a manual setting system for trouble free adaptation to the control keys.

While talking about android auto's updated features Google also upgraded the issues regarding the right to left languages. Over all android auto has been renovated according to the requests from the users and the updated version of the application will be available to all the users globally.

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