Pinterest Sheds Light on Its Accurate Trends Report from Last Year

Pinterest has very quickly managed to become a highly inspiring social media and content discovery platform for brands to try and take advantage of. The company is well aware of the position it holds and that it can help brands explore somewhat uncharted territory especially if they are fatigued by the mixed results that they might have been getting from Facebook trends and the like. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that Pinterest actually released a report in December which drew attention to 30 of the most pertinent trends that brands should consider focusing on.

It turns out that this report was actually pretty accurate with regards to ascertaining which trends were going to be relevant in the present year. Around 4 out of every 5 trends highlighted in the report ended up gaining some level of relevance this year. This indicates that Pinterest actually has a pretty good grasp on the trends that are emerging among its users, and brands can take advantage of this by paying attention to the suggestions that Pinterest makes which could go a really long way towards improving the kinds of results that they would be able to see from the Pins that they end up putting out there.

Pinterest is trying to capitalize on this with its new tool as well. This tool will allow brands to discover what is trending and create posts and Pins that would refer to these trends. This can greatly increase engagement with consumers and can help make it so that they can reach customers that would not have otherwise been interested in the kinds of things that they had to say.

This tool is actually pretty easy to use since all you would really need to do is add a keyword to it and see what trends are associated with it. This coupled with Pinterest’s rather remarkable knowledge of its own trends could come together to provide other social media platforms with a great deal of competition.

One example of a brand that found success after using a trend on Pinterest is Buick. The Little Moments of Big Love trend often involved depictions of outdoor movie nights, and the car company capitalized on this to great effect. There are plenty of other brands that have been successful in this regard as well. The social media industry is trying to woo a lot of advertisers especially now that tracking is not quite as easy as it used to be. That means that a lot of companies will probably start to give Pinterest a try which could bode well for the company in the future.

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