Google Chrome to allow Android users to switch the websites from phone version to desktop version permanently

Google Chrome has recently been working on some pretty handy updates and new features for its users, so that they can have a relatively easier, user friendly and secured experience on its browser.

In between all these new launches, one great update has made its way in the Chrome 96 Canary for Android.

So what is this update making its way on 96 Canary?

Well, you know how most mobile phones have the Chrome version strictly restricted on the Android version, this is about to end and Android users through the changes in Site Settings will be able you switch between both Android mode and Desktop versions for Chrome on their smartphones on a permanent basis.

So what made the tech giant take this step?

Well, the company realized that when users use Chrome on their smartphones, the website version is pretty much limited for smartphones only, because mobile developers nowadays create websites limited to mobiles than desktops. Hence when users open some particular sites from their cell phones, most websites show limited access and the full access can only be granted through desktop versions. So if users want, they can switch to desktop version from their mobile version on Chrome to have a better experience online.

Apart from this, users who use chrome on tablets or iPads were also exposed to mobile versions rather than desktops one. Hence this feature will allow iPad and tablet users a better experience while browsing and in short any person who wants to compare the differences between desktop and Android version for compatibility reasons.

Currently if users on Chrome 96 Canary on Android want to enable this feature they will have to tap on the menu on the website and check the 'desktop' option in order to enable the webpage in full desktop mode.

This means that currently the feature is not automatic and has to be done manually on each website.

However, news has been that Google is working towards a proper feature in their mobile settings which will allow users to change the mode phone to desktop (as default) directly from their settings application. This may take a while but we are glad that the tech giant at least thought about it and went on to make changes for its users. For now, if you are interested in testing this feature on Android all you need is a Chrome Canary version and enable this flag chrome://flags/#request-desktop-site-global (that can be also be done by going to chrome://flags and searching "Global setting to request desktop site on Android"). After enabling the flag, go to Chrome Settings and then Site Settings then enable the Desktop Site feature.
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