Google Chrome warns you before downloading any files in incognito mode acknowledging them to be visible to anyone who shares your device

Google Chrome alarms users while downloading things on devices on incognito mode. This is to aware the user of the fact that their browsed and search history will be erased but the download details will linger on the device and will be available to the others who use it.

Incognito mode prevails private browsing that does not only leave the minimum traces of your search activity but also can eliminate data that can be occupied by the device or computer you use.

The motive behind using incognito mode is to protect and conceal the browsing history that you have searched via your device. But still, the advertisers, websites that have been visited, your Internet service provider, and the device owner can have access to your search activity and acquire the data you have entered through your IP address.

The incognito mode facilitates one to wipe off his search and browsing history, data and information that one has entered to reach that particular website, and cookies when logout. But the downloads and bookmarks will be saved. This is the reason why Chrome warns one before downloading files/documents or anything using incognito mode.

Initially, Chrome incognito mode was originally developed to facilitate devices with multiple users, like in schools, offices, and studios, etc., to keep the privacy of the data they have entered to reach certain sites.

Incognito mode protects users from handing over their personal sensitive information to bad actors while online payments and shopping, deleting cookies when logout.

Google Chrome deliberately has not cited the caution on its incognito page, that downloaded files and bookmarks will be available to the people who share the device and they can have easy access to them.

And now chrome is clarifying this with a warning saying, downloaded files are still visible to anyone who shares that device in incognito mode.

Currently this feature in working only on Android devices with a Chrome Canary browser, to activate this feature go to this URL chrome://flags/#incognito-downloads-warning and enable it. Now you can see the new prompt when downloading anything in the Incognito mode.

Before proceeding with downloading Chrome will ask the approval of the users to download files in the Incognito tab.

Chrome forewarns one about the matters that one has to handle and face whenever try downloading files in incognito mode, and asks for confirmation and agreement before proceeding. It is to enlighten one that, downloaded files are saved and can be pop out on the device to those who use it.

Google Chrome warns you before downloading any files in incognito mode acknowledging them to be visible to anyone who shares your device

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