Google Chrome is planning to improve its browser efficiency by introducing Human Readable sites information section

We recently reported that Microsoft is working on human-readable site information for its Edge browser. Since using a site with a lock working through the HTML code is no guarantee that the site is going to be safe. With the new update, Microsoft will enable users to browse through that information but on Wikipedia instead.

The process works through adding a Wikipedia site to the information along with the site's social pages. The tech giant also aims to add an underside panel that will consist of all the relevant information but in a special plane. This was being tested in Edge Canary but we have good news for Chrome users.

Chrome is now bringing the same feature in its browser for users, as reported by Leo Varela. For now, we can only see a flag consisting of the feature on the Chrome Canary browser. The feature can be enabled by an 'about this site' flag in Chrome's collection of flags. For now, it isn't running but once it does, we're sure it will look very similar to the Edge version launched just a fortnight ago.

It would work the same way as Edge's version with an 'about this site' feature consisting of relevant links or info directly derived from the site's Wikipedia page and site links. This will make the information pop-up page useful.

This will enable users to understand what is going on and give them more information to increase their knowledge about a website. Not only will this cause more awareness but will also add to the decrease in chaos when a problem arises. Human-readable site information is indeed one of the best prompts Google has come up with yet and we expect to see more.

Apart from this, Google Chrome has been working on multiple features to up its security after the cyber attack this week.

Chrome also came up with various updates last month to enhance user experience that included speed, design, and music control updates. All these updates were much needed and have been working well for now.

Although we do not know what the future holds, we do expect to see some pretty relevant updates from Google again. Since it is one of the most highly used platforms, it needs to change with the trends and Google does understand it pretty well, hence we get new updates now and then.

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