Microsoft Edge to soon have a feature that will allow its users to be able to know more about a site in its information box

With increase in the use of technology and the internet, humans have become largely dependent on our technological devices and internet for tasks and information. In this age of the internet it is difficult to find a person that relies on sources of information other than the internet, since almost everything is already on it. While the internet surely helps us with most of our information these days, it can sometimes carry a significant disadvantage and that is scam be it both with user information or money.

Ever since the internet gained popularity, it has had the problem of scamming. In recent years the rise of social media has only added to it. Different internet companies have been long fighting a war against scams on the internet, however now the tech giant Microsoft has also joined in, the company has recently released a test feature for its famed Edge browser that can largely solve this problem.

As per Leo Varela, this feature on the Edge browser will help users get the extra information about a site so that they can determine whether to trust/try or skip the particular site. With this feature, users that click onto the site information box will be able to see much more detailed information about the site. How will the Edge browser be able to do it? You might ask, well it will do so by taking information about that site from Wikipedia (or probably from search engine such as Google and Microsoft Bing) and then displaying it in the site information box. This will largely solve the problem of determining whether the website is safe or not since information on Wikipedia will be perfectly trustable.

This feature will surely help stop a lot of people on the internet from getting scammed by different sites, since all they will have to do is viewing the sites information box.

The new information box will also contain the site's social media handles, thus allowing users to further determine the site's authenticity.

As of now, some lucky users can manually turn this feature on in Edge Canary by enabling this falg edge://flags/#edge-underside, and then users can turn this feature on by going into the Edge settings under the privacy tab, here users will find a new option named "Turn on site safety services to get more info about the sites you visit" enabling this would turn on the feature.

The feature is currently under testing on the Edge for developers and the Edge Canary. If you are an Edge user and is excited to use this feature then we would suggest you to be patient since the actual release date of this feature have not been released yet and people suggest that it's release can actually cause of lot of problems, this is because many developers might come up in protest about the Wikipedia description about their site.

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