Google Adds Premium Over Their Cloud Storage With The Maximum Of 5 TB

Data theft has exponentially increased since the last decade and the never ending rate is continuously climbing with more stead every year. Faced with the unfortunate reality of expensive smartphones that we carry with us all the time, makes it the main target for burglars. The extent of this can be realized by the fact that if you have not been a victim of mobile phone theft yet, then someone in your social circle might have been the one. With the constant risk of being robbed anywhere at any time, it is tough to keep your smartphone's data safe at all times. Android and iOS phones have installed backup software but the free storage isn't always enough to keep the data backup online because it all goes with the phone. Google, back in 2012, came up with its cloud backup app, Google Drive, as a blessing for everyone who was afraid of losing their data in a theft. Soon after that, Google introduced Google Photos in 2015 specifically for pictures and videos. Similar to the Drive, it was free of cost at first and unlimited, but in June 2021 Google terminated its free unlimited backup storage which was unfortunate and started charging its user’s monthly charges after the usage of 15GB of data.

However, realizing the importance of the application, Google emerged with the starting option for as low as $1.99 per month for 100 GB of storage. Other options included a 200GB plan which is available for $2.99 per month, another 2TB plan was proposed for $9.99 a month, and a plan of $49.99 for 10 TB of backup storage.

Plenty of users argued about the 2TB and 10TB plans, both the plans were different in more than one aspect. For many users, the storage of 2TB was way too less and the 10TB storage was more than they could handle, in addition to that the amount of money is also conflicting. Google took this matter into account and recently rolled out a moderate plan of 5TB storage for $24.99 per month which was affordable yet handy.

As per 9to5G, not only that, but early subscription discounts are also available which saves almost $50 per year. Google also provides a 10% discount on all Google store purchases for the users who choose a 2TB, 5TB, or a 10TB storage plan, moreover, it also allows you to add family members to your account and save some amount of money, it also gives access to Google expert. Fortunately, the plan also gives Android users access to VPN.

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