Google says that syndicating/republishing content is not a good idea for SEOs that want to rank for a particular query

With the increase in technology usage over the past few years, the number of people on the internet have largely grown. With a large user traffic from all parts of the world, the internet has now turned into a mega verse that have opened gates for multiple million and billion dollar industries which exist on the internet. In the long list of industries that the internet has brought about with its self is the ‘blogging and written online content industry’ which post things such as articles and blogs, ranging from a list of topics such as daily news, technology or self-help, the possibilities here are endless.

With the increase in internet users, this industry has started to pick up both the pace and the money, and well it has also attracted a lot of new marketers and web publishers thus increasing the amount of content on the internet. This increased amount brings with itself one thing and that is competition between different websites for their articles to rank above on the Google Search Engine Result pages.

This war of rankings has existed for a long time now and will continue to do so, websites use different techniques and procedures to make sure that their article or blog posts rank above their competitors. Webmasters in the last few years have started to target certain common queries that they think people might search, these query related articles are usually targeted to a small lot of people and websites that post them, to make sure that they reach their targeted audience.

A common mistake that different websites do with their target query related articles is to syndicate or repost the article, but this really doesn’t help them in ranking their articles rather takes them away from making them the only site that comes up when a user searches that particular query.

This mistake was just recently highlighted by Google’s senior Trends Analyst John Mueller who published a few tweets regarding the topic.

In his Tweet he replied to a question saying that if a website aims at making sure that only their website ranks for a particular query then republishing an article is surely is not a good idea. However, he said that if the website’s aim is to maximize the number of readers, then syndicating or republishing will surely help.

Mueller then went onto explain the reason behind what he stated. John said that when a website republishes a piece of content, it is termed by Google as content that is duplicated thus making republished content of no help when aiming to be the only ranking site for a particular query in search results.

In his tweet Mueller also gave websites a suggestion saying that if they want their content to be the only one ranking for a particular query, then they should pick correct goals and do the work that helps them reach their targeted audience.

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