iPhone's camera system degrades when exposed to certain vibrations as per Apple's new report

According to a new report by Apple, when the iPhone camera will be exposed to certain vibrations, it is bound to lose quality in some of its parts. However the vibrations will not affect the camera instantaneously, instead when you expose it to such vibrations for a long time, only then will they pose a risk of potentially harming the camera.

What we did not know was that vibrations interfere with the clockwork of the camera, damaging some of its most sensitive parts. While none of this is applicable for Android phones, this does impose that iPhones are a little unnecessarily sensitive. In an support article published last week, Apple claimed that there are certain vibrations that do cause damage to some of the essential parts of the iPhone camera - 2 parts, to be specific.

The two elements affected include optical image stabilization, and autofocus (closed loop). What these components do is that the OIS helps the camera lens to adjust images despite lots of movement. It works in relation to the gyroscope to detect how the lens need to be adjusted.

The latter element helps create sharp focus in all kinds of shots including videos and long shots. These elements are integral to iPhone camera, adding to the hype created by most users. AF takes help from the magnetic sensors installed in the phone to accurately set focus using gravity and vibrations.

Since both these features do use rather sensitive points of the iPhone to do their job, it is integral to maintain the balance of the phone, which is much disturbed and the frequencies altered when exposed to exterior vibrations for a long time.

What comes as a relief was that not all iPhones have this little problem. Since the two components affected are not present in all iPhones, the problem only persists in certain versions. These include the iPhone 6 Plus along with iPhone 6s Plus. These harbor OIS along with iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus, and iPhone 11. Closed loop AF however isn't found in the earlier versions and is only available in those after iPhone XS. Both the elements, thankfully, are only found in iPhone SE.

Apple recommends not attaching the phone to motorbikes with powerful engines along with low powered mopeds as well as scooties without a vibration dampening mount.

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