Germany sets out to help smartphone users by giving 7 years of security updates

When it comes to smartphones, we do not really know what companies are up to since all of them offer different support policies. While most do offer up to a 3 year security update, Germany is reaching out to improve the span to 7 years so that users would have longer access to resources, as reported by Heise. This means your phone life will automatically be increased to a solid 7 years although we're not sure how many people use the same device for that long.

Usually phone companies offer 2-3 years max when it comes to software updates followed by a few fixes here and there regarding the security updates. This is even harder for when you are on a budget plan for a device meaning you belong to the bottom of the pyramid. However for people in Germany, this won't be the situation anymore. Not only will you have access to a longer period of security updates but software updates as well.

Although the initiative is inviting, we cannot be too sure of its authenticity unless it is implemented. Germany is currently pushing for the regulation to be passed hence it is only a matter of time unless we see this plan in action. Not only has the German government proposed this regulation, it has also requested extended support for repairs. Now that puts the whole issue in a rather rocky point.

The government emphasized on how when a device needs to be fixed, the price of the counterparts should be relatively inexpensive, unlike what consumers deal with today. This is beyond what the European Union has made mandatory which is why we're quite skeptical about it's approval and implementation.

It is seen that DigitalEurope, a company harboring huge names as their advocacy partners like Samsung and Apple have decided to settle for 3 years of support while Samsung has decided to go for 4 years this year. Both the decisions are quite disappointing when compared to Germany's ambitions.

We also understand why this might be an unfavorable decision for most phone brands seeing how innumerous phones get sold off everyday and providing such an extensive support for all might prove to be a rather expensive route. Since there is not much money in the process we're sure there will be a lot of opposition from phone companies.

While the European Union's five year policy is set to roll out 2 years later, we'll have to wait and see if Germany is successful in voicing this regulation. If not successful, we believe 5 years might also turn out to be a great deal.

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