Google Search app alongside design changes in the Collections tab brings better functionality

Google started off as a small digital catalog and went onto make it the most visited search engine with billions of users and searchers. The company since then has never stopped and is now regarded as the 'tech giant' since it has investments and projects in many tech sectors and never fails to grab a good amount of market no matter where it goes. So what is it that made a search engine leave behind all its competitors and be amongst the top companies? In your head you might think that it is Google's leadership, it's vision or teamwork etc. While these things surely matter, experts like to suggest another word alongside it and that is 'design'. The tech giant since the start has focused on a design that makes the user's screen free of any clutter while also adding useful features on it thus making its product achieve both simplicity and usability.

Google search app sure has always brought about frequent design changes but has always stuck to its principles. A recent example is that of the design changes being made in its collections tab.

The update on Collections follows after Google has started its redesigning spree. The company at the start of this year introduced a new design language named 'Material You' and has since then changed designs of various products. One of which is Gmail, Google recently gave the email platform a new and fresh look.

With Google collections being the next one in for redesign, it was sure that collections will get itself a makeover. However, with Google being Google, have also decided to add more functionality and usability into the tab, thus it has now redesigned the bookmark feature in such a way that it is now useful to a lot more users.

The Google collections prior to the design update revolved around saved web pages and places from the Google map. However now with the new update users see a wide variety of visited pages and suggestions that can be quite helpful in enhancing the user experience of collections.

The new Google collections tab will have user favorites pages and websites, it will also contain a lot of suggestions for things such as shopping and online video streaming.

Upon opening the collection tab users will see a quick access section on the top, this section contains recently saved websites and places from the map. Right below this section is located the movies and TV shows section that notify and show users about series they searched for or are already watching. Now below the movies and TV section comes the shopping section which shows users the products that they might be interested in.

While this is surely a grand update for the Google selections tab, its design changes however are kept to a minimum unlike other of Google products since they have gotten quite a makeover. The increased usability of the new collections tab however compensates it.

If you still don't see the new collections tab on your mobile screen, well then there is no need to be impatient since the update process is slow and it will soon be on all devices.

H/T: 9to5G.

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