Facebook's New Auto Ad Strategy Feature Suggests Better Campaigns For Brands On The Platform

Facebook is working on a new Ad Strategies feature, which will provide automated ad campaigns for the social media platform's userbase.

Facebook is known as the social network for a reason. The massive audience it has amassed over the years currently stands as the biggest on any online social media platform. This also means that Facebook is a perfect place for brand advertisements. As it stands, the social network's roughly 2.89 billion monthly active users (as of Q2 2021), providing a large audience to which one can advertise. Other than this, Facebook's also worked at providing a set of tools that prove useful to any brand advertising on its platform. Insights and post boosting are ways that you can have your brand and its message reach wider and wider audiences, while you also keep track of how they interact with your products. At any rate, Facebook is a definitive hub for online advertising.

The feature was noted by social media journalist Matt Navarra and a Twitter user Roneet Michael, who was sent an invitation to try out the new feature beforehand. Ideas similar to building an entire audience from scratch have been attempted before. Facebook's ability to boost posts also allows users to select a specific demographic for the post to be visible to. However, the social network will end up selecting it for users that end up attempting to skip this step. AI that targets specific demographics are certainly not out of the question. So, how is the Ad Strategies process any different?

Ad Strategies is simply a much more sophistication feature that users can draw upon for their online advertising needs. The Ad Strategy feature has it's own dedicated submenu on the Facebook interface. In order to promote a brand using the tool, one has to provide preferential data regarding certain demographics (population size, creative elements of the campaign, etc.) The end result will be an entire ad campaign, relying on multiple pictures, that will be carried out for whatever niche audience the brand owner wishes to cater to.

The feature is currently under a limited form of beta testing. As revealed by Roneet Michael's screenshots, only a certain amount of selected individuals are allowed to access the feature's early version. As time goes on, perhaps we will soon see wider A/B testing being implemented.

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