Facebook denies allegations of Instagram being a toxic place for young girls that the WSJ accused them of

Facebook is the leading social media application in the world and the firm has a lot of other platforms affiliated with it. Being the top tech giant and always in the spotlight makes Facebook go through a bunch load of controversies and court hearings, however the social media giant has always been smooth in overcoming its allegations. One such event happened quite recently.

The Wall Street Journal recently accused Facebook owned Instagram for a lot of reasons through a report they gathered. However, the main topic of discussion was where the WSJ claimed that Facebook and Instagram were harmful for teenagers specially the young girls in a lot of aspect.

Facebook has now issued its own response to these accusations and has claimed that the tech giant is not 'toxic' for the young minds and though there have been times where social media can be challenging, Facebook's own survey reports show that users specially teenagers have found the tech giant and a lot of its users morally supporting during hard times or teenage issues that they go through.

The times have changed and issues that young minds face now is different from what they used to be and through social media teenagers can relate to each other and understand that their feelings are valid and their emotions are normal.

Apart from this, Facebook did accept that there were problems on its own platform whether it's Instagram or some other acquired application, but that does not mean that it doesn't take any action to overcome these problems.

The tech giant carries out its own survey's internally and all those problems that are found are issued on the internal reports. After that the tech giant tries to overcome those problems and issues on its platform to the best of its ability and hence while the reports show the negative aspects of the application it basically means that the tech giant is trying to overcome those.

Hence, Facebook said that it has worked really hard to overcome all these problems that it has found and all those that the tech giant received from the journal and it will try to make sure it carries out the same work in the future as well.

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