Research claims Facebook and Instagram are not as 'cool' as they once were with their users

The pandemic has caused a large chunk of the population to resort to social media as a major part of their daily routine. Amongst this, Facebook and Instagram are two of the most highly used platforms however it is astonishing to find that their user satisfaction rate is at an all-time low.

According to Mark Mahaney from Evercore ISI, after surveying thousands of social media users, found that the users of these platforms are getting increasingly unhappy each passing day regardless of the regular updates. From 2020 to 2021, Facebook has seen a low drop in user satisfaction. Out of the 2000 users surveyed, 480 users were quite unhappy with Facebook while 540 users were satisfied with their experience. Both of these users combined only account for 51% of the whole population of the survey.

Furthermore, when competing against platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and such, Facebook ranked to be the worst platform in terms of satisfaction while Instagram followed the suit next with 8 points less. This did come as quite a shock to most of us since Facebook has been getting some good attention and feedback in terms of satisfaction over the past few years. The sudden drop certainly creates a churn in the stomach that most of us cannot stand.

Although Instagram is not the most satisfactory platform either, it certainly did score a lot better than Facebook. The platform managed to get an 8% unsatisfied score while a 43% approval and satisfaction rate. These numbers might not look great at the moment, but they are some of the most used platforms that have surged in the pandemic.

Instagram now harbors around a billion users while Facebook consists of 3 billion users to date. Users also claimed to stop using the platform in the coming years however we predict such a change to be highly unlikely. The report also mentioned some of the reasons why these platforms aren't exactly a hit right now.

The first reason of dissatisfaction is the extensive advertisement carried out on these platforms. These have become an advertisement hub, paying little heed to how users might react to the change. The second reason might be the promises made and the policies rolled out however the lax implementation is not appreciated.

Over the past year, Facebook has also been involved in various scandals, some of its own and some with other tech giants like Apple. This not only tarnishes the reputation of the company but also makes various brands hugely uncomfortable in their experience.

We hope both the platform can work on their differences and make these spaces safe again.

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