Facebook Marketplace Under Scrutiny For Lack Luster Security Standards Against Scammers

Over the 5 years, since its initial release in 2016, Facebook Marketplace has extended to many users over time and appreciated in value as more people move towards setting their operations online. The number has reached such a significant mark that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) states that around 85% of all markets are concentrated on Facebook Marketplace and it is deemed necessary that this should be divided as the number is huge even in terms of the monopolistic nature of certain companies.

What is more concerning for most users and businessmen over on the market place is that there is little to no security from the tech giant to protect them and their businesses from fraudulent activity. ProPublica took to themselves to test the authenticity of the allegations levied against the firms and unfortunately, came to the conclusion that the allegations are true for the most part. The findings of their research came back to the fact that since Facebook utilizes artificial intelligence to scan the listings before it is published and therefore, there are loop holes in the scanning system that allows the scammers to carry on their fraudulent activities targeting both buyers and sellers alike.

Not only scammers have joined in, but individuals with malicious intent of robbery and assault have also looked over on the marketplace generating several armed robberies and at times, it has even caused the death in as many as 13 cases pertaining to information gained from the Facebook Marketplace. With crimes this serious, there is investigation on how the AI does not flag obvious markers of fraud such as extremely cheap items and fake profiles. Even the 400 men to backup the AI scanning paved way that their efforts do not amount to much in stopping the online fraud that takes place.

Facebook took the defensive stand by assuring their complete availability to the matter in essence of doing all they can possibly do to stop such fraud and malicious attempts. Facebook Spokesperson, Drew Pusateri, took his statement and presented it by mentioning that the transition comes with problems and all marketplaces face these. He further claimed that Facebook is doing all it can to prevent its users from being defrauded. He also pushed to the offensive by stating that anyone who believes otherwise is wrongful in their essence. He also added that the only company available to access the user’s direct messages are Accenture and there is a wall of encrypted security in between the two that helps to assist in fighting against it.

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