Facebook announces that it will display less political content on the News Feed, as many users have criticized of getting too much of it

Over the past few years, Facebook has become much successful in increasing the engagement among its users by providing exhilarating and engaging content. The platform always tries to get the response from its users so that it can make consistent improvements in its various sections. Recently, Facebook conducted researches by getting feedback from its users. The social network received some criticism from its users that they are not much happy with the political stuff on the News Feed. Facebook values the opinion of the public, therefore, it has decided to lessen the amount of the political stuff on the News Feed. Facebook has been criticized a lot especially during the United States elections in 2020 that it is spreading fake information related to politics.

Facebook has started restricting the content related to politics in America, Indonesia, and Brazil. The social media platform has confirmed that it will further enlarge this test to other countries as well including, Spain, Ireland, and Costa Rica in the coming weeks. Facebook hopes that people will be happy with the current changes that it has made. Facebook says that it will not depend too much on its algorithm that chooses to share such posts based on the previous involvement of the user. Instead, the social network will prioritize the engagement signals that show the interest of the people on the specific posts. Not only that, the platform has also stated that it will also consider the bad response of the public on political matters and the present events that it positions on the News Feed.

If the strategy of the Facebook works, it will definitely reduce the level of misleading information on the platform. However, these recent changes will somehow affect the news editors and producers whose content mostly depends on political stuff. This huge shift can also make FB less antagonistic for the people as well. There is no doubt that discussions related to politics sometimes get intense, and when this situation gets worst, it can discourage those people who mostly use this platform for connecting with their friends and close relatives. The platform said during the last year that the political content only represents 6 percent of what people see.

Facebook has also said that it understands that these changes can adversely affect the content related to public matters. The platform has therefore started prevailing these changes slowly.

Creator: Adam Berry | Credit: Getty Images

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