Disparity Between The Users And Product Team Drives A Change In Website

The notion that the customer is always right has not been upheld as there is a drift between the customers and businesses. Around 43% of the consumers believe a large number of internet websites are not user-centric. Whereas according to a survey initiated by Heap, the product team believes there is a 95% assurity on the fact that people would like their websites. They constitute to the fact that there is an easy and user friendly experience on their website.

With every organization trying to make a digital impact on the global audience, it is imperative to understand that there needs to access towards their users over. However, this comes off as a surprise as everything is oriented towards the user but the users are not content. Getting behind for it, there is a reason for it. It was found out that the distance exists due to a lack of sufficient knowledge for the web developers to make the decision about it. It showed that around 24% of the product teams had no idea in regards to the specific analytics they need to make the website specific to what the users want. This escalated to the point that only 16% of the companies’ tech departments had knowledge in regards to the reason for a fall in more than 75% of the user reach of their website.

This problem towards the users side allows them to have trouble in making their product easy to use and access. This is backed up by the fact that 89% of the users think that the product being easy to use is an imperative factor and all the more important aspect of their final decision in purchasing that product.

The study also revealed that users would be more inclined to purchase from websites that have solved the issues and improved upon the difficulties they face rather than random updates. However, this can only be done, if the data provided to the IT departments and social media managers is one that specifically entails the issues being brought up.

The survey by Heap included over 1200 product managers and employed consumers over to discuss the issue. The survey had a 95% confidence with just an almost non existent 3% margin of error making the aforementioned information extremely relevant to the industry. This brings forth that providing ample data set is of extreme importance for the betterment of websites and firms should look into more efficient data analytics.

H/T: Techzine.

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