Users will be able to have full control on their Instagram feed in the near future, as the social network is working on a new “Favorites” option

Every day users see different types of posts on Instagram but they do not give equal importance to all the persons and brands that they have followed. People want to see posts according to their interest and they want to have complete control over the platform’s feed. It is also important for Instagram too because it helps to upsurge the engagement of users, therefore, the platform is testing a feature that will enable users to prioritize specific persons and brands and their posts will be shown higher in the feed whenever they will open the app.

The platform uses an algorithm so that it can bring the most relevant content to every person whenever they check their feed. Recently, Alessandro Paluzzi who is a social media app researcher and a features hunter has tweeted about the upcoming feature “Favorites”. Paluzzi has also shared two screenshots, showing that how this option will work. Users will be able to include their most favorite accounts in a specific list, after marking these accounts as “Favorites”, users will always see their posts/creators at the top of their feed. This will give actual control to users that they always want and they will no longer have to see unrelated posts. However, the platform will continue to recommend different accounts to include in your favorite list.

The “Favorites” option somewhat relates to the “Close Friends” that was launched by the platform about three years ago. That enabled users to share their personal stories or post with specific people they choose, in place of applying priorities to their stories, they just simply use this feature on their feed. Alessandro’s discoveries have driven out in reality quite often, so people will be excited to use the option as it will also help the platform to get an understanding of what users want to see. It will surely provide more data to Instagram about the interests of people, so the platform can also make changes to its algorithm as well. Previously Instagram algorithm used to work based on 6 factors, including the interests of users, their timelines, relationships, frequency, following, and usages.

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