Report reveals marketers are getting more serious about how and where their media budget goes

The Advertisers Trust report that has issued recently says that there has been a massive upsurge in the percentage of marketers applying brand value to media expenditure judgments. This percentage has reached up to 82 percent after an increase of 20 percent from the previous year. A major portion of the advertisers will now try to change their perspective while deciding the media expenditure to defund misinformation. There is no doubt that misinformation has become a major problem and it will be a good step from the side of marketers to defund media platforms responsible for disseminating the misleading information relating to the security of the brand.

The report further says that about 54 percent of the marketers will change the way how they use their media budgets. About 59 percent of the advertisers will demote media associates grounded on trust issues, and almost 40 percent of marketers have already demoted such partners during 2021.

However, in a shift from the previous year, the major concern of marketers is the misuse of information against the security of brands. This does not end here; about 79 percent of the advertisers consider that platforms are mainly accountable for all the destructive content on their websites or channels. Even if their users are uploading such type of content, still, it is the responsibility of those platforms because they have control over their audience but they are not using it in the right way.

This report has published the data after conducting 250 interviews of advertisers. However, 66 percent of those were from the agency and 34 percent were the interviews of marketers, showing that agencies and brands are trying to deal with these issues. One executive of the business intelligence says that many business owners are reevaluating their corporations’ values and how they can maintain that. They are absolutely not ready to acknowledge the performance anyway.

However, brand safety is still the major trust factor that can be in result of demoting the advertisement partner. The interesting fact here is that issues related to the privacy of data are not that important now as this percentage has diminished from 53 percent to 36 percent. Concerns related to customer data confidentiality have also decreased significantly from 40 percent to 27 percent. However, abuse of first-party info has 31 percent from 30 percent previously. These privacy apprehensions have lost their significance even though many new laws have been made to upsurge privacy. Now the major concern is brand safety as over ¾ of the advertisers said any usage of private data that customers discover threatens the prestige of the brand.

4 in 5 advertisers think that the brand should have a complete detail and it should also have to manage who is getting benefits from the placement of advertisements. However, 77 percent of them say that it is very hard to explain who is benefitted the most. 2/3 of the marketers said that they think there is a safety of brand if it is done through authentic news sources. Whereas, 64 percent think that the responsibility of advertising should be handed over to external sites so that the issues related to brand safety should be evaded. There should be equilibrium between the requirements of clients and customers.

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