Facebook calls out Apple for the holes in data its new privacy feature is causing their small businesses

When Apple came up with the App Tracking Transparency feature, Facebook was not happy at all. The feature allowed iOS users to have the authority to grant applications permission on whether to track their data or not and Facebook on its release showed extreme concerns.

Facebook raised an issue that majority of small business depend on that particular data to reach their targeted audience, however Apple was adamant on their decision and went through with their plan claiming that every user has a right on their own data and it should be up to them on whether to decide that they will like to share it or not.

However, looks like after the release, businesses on Facebook are facing some issues. Jeff Richards, a paid media consultant who manages social media accounts for many businesses said that the new Apple update feature leaves a few holes in the picture. If any brand has run an online advertisement and is making massive sales on the same time frame, the statistics will show differences in the sales made and d reach The sales made through the advertisements will always come zero or very low, despite it being very clear that the rapid increase in sale was due to the advertisement or sponsored post.

Jeff Richards even shared an incident that happened with one of his client where the client made 20 new purchases on their website and though that the sales would relate with the ad campaign going on at the time, the conversion for ad appeared zero, which was weird considering it was evidently clear that the ad campaign had a lot to do with sales.

While Facebook had issued a notice about this to Apple and they did get a reply in which Apple mentioned that they will be work towards resolving this issue and will no on use statistical modelling to estimate associated values of additional modeled conversions, Jeff believes it will not be of much use. This is because Apple will just be making an assumption on the conversion data rather than providing the actual data.

From what he believes, this is all due to the fact that majority of users have turned off their App Tracking and according to statistics only 25 percent of users have allowed it, which makes it difficult for Facebook to gather that potentially how much users made use from their advertisements.

Jeff and Facebook thinks that while Apple step to protect their users’ privacy is valid, things look bad for small business online because the acquired user data by Facebook was a means for them to reach their targeted and potential audience and with that lost it is hard for them to keep track of users.

Apple really needs to work on an alternate way for small businesses to summarize how many sales conversion was made through ads and how many reaches their product is receiving.

H/T: AdAge.

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