Apple's newest iPhone 13 might not receive the hype expected by everyone this year

With the launch of the iPhone 13 next Tuesday in the California streaming event, it is rather surprising to find out that only 10% users are going to upgrade to the newest version. The reasons can be varying but one thing's for sure; Apple will not receive the glamour accompanying all the previous iPhones with their rapid sales immediately following the launch.

In a survey conducted recently by a company named Savings, only 10% of 1500 iPhone users claimed to switch to the next version as soon as it launched. It is rather disheartening news for Apple that two-thirds of the group has no plan to upgrade which amounts for 64% of the subjects. While these had their intentions set down, more than a quarter had no idea what to do which makes about 26% undecided users.

One of the biggest reasons that came forward for not wanting to upgrade was that those users had a relatively new phone. On the contrary, 33% of those that did decide to upgrade also had new phones that weren't even a year old, while 70% have had their phones for 2 years or less - then why upgrade? According to these people, the most compelling features of the iPhone 13 are Satellite connectivity, camera improvements, and a larger battery capacity.

Another reason connected to the hesitation in buying the new iPhone is payment plans. It is seen that most people buy phones through mobile carriers. These plans are sometimes extensive, not long enough to support changing to a new phone instantaneously. Hence those that could and have afforded a phone with an outright payment are the ones that can do it again.

Also according to the survey, it was found that there are 116 million iPhone users in the US alone. Out of those, 12 million people will surely buy the iPhone 13 as soon as it launches. If the undecided ones pick a sure track and stick to getting the phone, Apple will witness another 30 million sales in the region. This is only the US, and we can surely expect an even higher number of sales all over the globe.

Although users might be hesitant to get the iPhone 13, it is predicted that this new version is here to break all sales records. While the bank expects iPhone 13 to make around 226 million sales in 2022 alone, various investors speculate the 120-250 million mark to be crossed. For now, there is little we can do except to wait for the launch and see how many of these marks actually get hit this time around.

We do know one thing for sure, iPhone 13 is launching next week and it is better than whatever has come before. We cannot wait for it to arrive and blow our minds, and possibly our pockets, out of proportion. Stay tuned to find out more updates on the iPhone 13.
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