Astonishing News For Apple As Apple Pay Users Are Almost Non Existent

The shift to digitalized commerce called for companies to adapt to the situation. While social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook expanded on their resources by introducing market places and shops digitally. For Apple, this was an opportunity to rescale their Apple Pay wallet that since its initial boom in 2014 had been going on the down.

There were little to no rebuttals against the fact, however, the situation is worse at the moment than Apple had ever imagined. A survey by Pyments revealed that the users for Apple pay were not even in double digits as compared to people that use Apple products. The astonishing 6% of all iPhone users gave a clear message to the company of the lack of appeal of the product.

The survey was conducted by Pyments with around 3500 candidates used for the purpose of evaluating the Apple wallet under the light of the current decline in digital wallet usage because of the pandemic.

The firm compared the results of their studies from 2019 and 2021 producing the result as a surprising 20% decrease in the use of mobile wallets and an increase of 34% towards credit card users. It provided a path of connection as to which resource the users were inclined towards and it was over to Apple to try and figure out the reason for this change.

The study extended its findings with the point that there was a delay in the consumers and retailers in a move towards contactless payment causing no incentive for the users towards Apple Pay. It also presented that these numbers could be significantly higher in nations with contactless payment and almost nonexistent in countries where the concept is a whisper in the wind.

From Apple, there was some fight back as it takes pride in the 85% of retailers that have started to accept Apple Pay across the States, and the company added on to boast the benefits of Apple Pay as a faster, more efficient service than any other backed up by the state of the art privacy and security.

The study by Pyments is more elaborate and adds on to several other aspects of the problem as well as statistics on other wallets such as PayPal and Venmo used in the study presenting a complete overview to the mobile wallet scenario in the United States.
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