WhatsApp Is Adding The Ability To Transfer A User's Chat History From Android to iOS Devices

WhatsApp is reportedly working on allowing users to transfer their search history from Android devices to iOS ones.

This development comes in the light of another recent update, where the messaging app allowed the inverse to occur. Users could finally send their chat history from iOS devices to Android ones when switching between them. Why this feature is useful hardly requires explanation. In fact, the exclusivity of chat history amongst iOS and Android version of WhatsApp was a much-criticized aspect of the popular messaging platform.

Users change their mobile devices almost yearly in the current marketplace. Imagine downgrading from an iOS device to an Android one, only to lose all of your messages and media in the exchange. Awful. Thankfully, the devs corrected this oversight by allowing Android to iOS transfer, and now they've come back to complete the other remaining chapters on this book, as reported by Wabetainfo.

Details on how the switch will work are not the best embellished upon, since WhatsApp has released no official news or statement. Speculation currently states that users will have to connect their iOS and Android devices via a USB-C to Lightning cable in order for the exchange to work. There's even hearsay about the Move to iOS application being required to facilitate the transfer. Maybe it'll all occur over the cloud, like how chat history is transferred between Android devices without any cables. Ultimately, there's no real way of knowing until newer WhatsApp builds arrive to confirm both the feature' presence, and how it will be executed.

For users currently worried about how they'll transfer their relevant chat history from iOS to Android devices, alternatives do exist. A commonly used option is the Samsung Smart Switch app. This allows for data to be transferred from iPhones to Galaxy devices. While this doesn't cater to all iOS and all Android devices, it's still a viable option otherwise. At any rate, when WhatsApp announced its upcoming iOS to Android chat history compatibility, it also stated that while the feature would start with certain Galaxy phones, it'll start to incorporate other Android devices as well. So, perhaps it's best to just wait for the platform to release it's new feature.

And how long will the wait be? This is a difficult question to answer. WhatsApp's updates don't exactly follow a rhythmic pattern, and are therefore difficult to decipher. However, beta version of future updates come out almost every other month, and sometimes sooner. So, it won't take too long to confirm the feature's ultimate release date.

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