TikTok tops the list of most downloaded applications in August beating all the major social networks

Ever since the usage of mobile phones have increased, there is one thing that has caught the eyes of entrepreneurs and investors and that is developing successful mobile applications, this is because of the huge market and profit these apps offer.

With increased investor interest, the number of mobile phone applications have increased by a large percentage over these last 10 years. A large percentage of the world's population now uses different applications.

With a market that's already saturated, it’s difficult for social media applications to capture a good share in the market. There has always been a constant rivalry between similar applications that want to beat each other in every aspect be it more users or revenue.

However, the strongest rivalry is that of social apps including tech giant Facebook and TikTok, this fact is proved by a list of top apps in August 2021.

The list created by Sensortower shows just about how TikTok is steadily climbing on top of all its competitors. TikTok which was previously struggling to complete with Facebook and others of its applications, has now topped the list for being the most downloaded application in August 2021. The app has had around 66 million downloads most of which were from China and the US showing that people all over are developing an increased interest in TikTok thus ensuring a profitable future for the application.

Following right after TikTok is the famed photo sharing application 'Instagram' which is a daughter company to the number 3rd on the list. Instagram in August recorded a total of 59 million installs, however these numbers are far greater than what Instagram achieved in August 2020. This shows that Instagram, like its competitor, is also growing. Around 36% of the 59 million downloads are from India which kind of shows how India which was dominated by Facebook, have started to adapt Instagram.

Facebook in this list is at the 3rd position and has maintained its good old stable growth.

Apart from these social applications the number 4th on this list have been acquired by WhatsApp, leaving the Facebook messenger on the 5th position this proving the superiority the WhatsApp has over all other messaging applications.

4 of the 5 most downloaded applications in the list are owned by Facebook. TikTok, however, is a threat to the tech giant. TikTok over the past few years have climbed up the ladders and it now seems to pass Facebook owned platforms, with Facebook working on bringing innovation and newer features, the war is still not over. We would love to hear about who you think would win it.

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