iPhone's new software update iOS 15 will be launched with improvements in the Face ID

Apple very often updates its mobile phone software and currently news is that the tech giant will be launching its iOS version 15 very soon. While software’s are updated very often on iPhone, this one will be bringing some massive changes with itself and among its many big changes is the improvement in Face ID feature.

Apple had skipped the Home Button feature when it launched its iPhone X range and all new models after this iPhone do not have the Home Button as well. With the Home Button being cancelled off, the Touch ID became unavailable as well and instead of the Touch ID, Apple introduced Face ID as a replacement.

However, as convenient and quick Touch ID was, the users seem not to happy with the Face ID. This was because, sometimes, the Face ID would not recognize authentic users, and other times, there were cases where people had constructed a face model that looked like them and through that 3D model, iPhones unlocked themselves. This wasn’t very safe.

Other than this identical twins were able to unlock each other’s phones as well.

Apple realized this issue once it started receiving complaints and has announced that with the launch of iOS version 15, it will improve the Face ID anti-spoofing models.

While not much has been said on this by the company, from what we believe is that the new update will bring with itself a more accurate and authentic Face ID. This is an important issue which needed to be fixed because it was unsafe for all users who used Face ID. Apple has stated that the issue has been fixed and will be launched in the new update.

What the newer version update will bring with itself and how accurate has Apple made its Face ID now will only be revealed when the iOS 15 makes its way in a few weeks.

However, we are so glad Apple always cares about its users’ security and tries to fix problems that can be a matter of security threat. The company is always looking out for its users and that is one of its best traits.

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