Apple deals unfairly once again by its usual Sherlocking; the Apple Watch now has a keyboard after banishing a similar competitor from App Store

Apple has always been rather mischievous when it comes to profiting off its platform by cutting others off and it isn't surprising that it has done so once again.

Along with the unveiling of the iPhone 13, Apple decided to drop a few more bombs, one of which did cause an explosion. The feature was a minor one but sparked lots of criticism from everywhere. Apple decided to include a software keyboard in its Apple Watch after claiming it to be unnecessary not so long ago. Now, this might not be that big of a change but for those that do know the history, you can surely get the gist.

To give a brief review, Kosta Eleftheriou, the developer of FlickType brought to our knowledge that his keyboard for the visually impaired persons was disabled because it had too many complications and required full system access. Due to this Apple denied any updates and finally banished the keyboard. While this was a specialized keyboard and a separate one for common access was to remain, Apple decided to pull that off too.

After being so adamant about the uselessness of a keyboard in the Apple Watch, Apple defied its claims by going ahead and launching its alternative keyboard this time. While it hasn't been that long since the pull to receive enough complaints to relaunch the keyboard, it isn't surprising that Apple had a rather dubious motive behind this.

This isn't the first time Apple has performed its casual Sherlocking act. The tech giant ever so slyly removes third-party features from its platform by coming up with various, sometimes irrelevant claims. As if this isn't enough, it copies the same feature and adds the iOS label to it which we think is a clever tactic but a rather unethical one.

By the Unfair Competition Law, better known as the UCL, Apple did recently change its policies to add third-party party transaction sources to stop earning off its usual 30%, which might be an insignificant amount for large businesses but a total no-no for small businesses, it still does get it's way whenever possible. While developers did seem to prefer Apple over other platforms due to its initial safe environment, they're slowly but steadily getting sick of its consistently unfair policies. While Apple develops a hefty revenue of $20 billion a year by the Apple Store alone, we do not understand the need for such measures.

While Fortnite did win the lawsuit to use third-party sources of payment, it was still sad to see that Apple got no notice on its 30% share on purchases from the Apple Store. Since Apple is a rather large corporation, anyone who challenges the tech giant is at the risk of exclusion.

We know for sure that Eleftheriou is going to press charges and we fully support that, we do not see the case making it that far. We do hope Apple gets a shake of responsibility and stops its unfair dealings. The chances are highly unlikely as the hefty $20 billion revenue asks for such unfair dealings in the heed of profit, there's always a chance to repent.

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