Apple Is In Action Over Providing Developers With The Option To Use Other Sources Of Payment

Fairly recently, there was a ruling from several congressmen that cracked on Google and Apple for taking out the monopoly from their App stores. They called for these companies to not discourage developers from having just exclusive contracts with the Apple and Google. This allows the developers of applications can use secondary methods of transactions for their purchases that would cut around the 30% transaction fee that Apple takes from these developers.

This allows the developers to provide an alternative path with lower charges and additional pretexts for the users to engage with their applications. However, all this under the lawsuit filed by Epic games is in action for the iOS and has taken a final turn that brought problems for Apple on a grand scale.

Epic Games filed a permanent injunction towards Apple, and owning huge games like Fortnite and others helped them with their case. The injunction allows Epic games to link secondary sources of the transaction from within their games and Apple platforms and is the very reason for lawmakers that called for the ruling not only against Apple Store but also Google Play Store.

The injunction that will be allowed to take place from the 9th of December would deduct Apple and its cut out of the equation that it had enforced over Epic Games’ application on iOS devices and other Apple products.

The judge for the case, Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, used the Californian anti competition laws and warranted a claim for all such actions to be barred from the earliest, giving a sentence to Apple that it cannot always run away with what it wants.

However, the impact of Apple Store as a monopoly was not appreciated by the judge and went on to state that Epic Games failed to prove that Apple was running an illegal monopoly in the sector, however, the final decision was still in their favor.

The developer community and many users that understand the deals and transactions that Apple makes, conclude it as a monopoly are backing up Epic Games and their action against the tech giant. While thanking everyone for their efforts and support during the trial, Epic Games has decided to appeal the decision as it was highlighted by the CEO, Tim Sweeney in a response to Apple’s tweet.

Even though the developments in this case rarely consider users, by cutting the 30% commissions of these huge firms, the users will have the lower than the lowest charges for them and the provision of other sources of financial transactions would call in the benefit of everyone.

Photo: ymgerman via Getty Images

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