The Epic Games Case Has Not Changed Anything For The App Store Fee Charged By Apple

The long case of attribution between Epic Games and Apple Inc. has been running on for almost an eternity where injunctions against Apple and in favor of developers were awarded in the most recent hearing of the case allowing the gaming organization to have autonomy over where the in game transactions can take place. What was previously only available through the Apple Pay system, is no longer binding upon the Epic Games Corporation as they finally managed to lower their costs and cut down through the 30% transaction fees charged by the Apple Pay for their services.

However, what the case missed was to address the high 30% charge that Apple takes and condemns Apple to lower its costs. Not only was Apple allowed to keep the same fee, but it was also allowed to continue to imitate its presence towards developers by actively projecting its Apple Pay for use.

Paul Gallant, the managing director at Cowen and Co., mentioned to a reporter that Apple is provided and safeguarded the right to practices that are legal and mandated by the law and charging for their Apple Pay services is one of them. He further added that Apple still reclaims the right to announce that whether the payment method was Apple Pay or not, the developers would still need to pay the company a 30% cut of the transaction. Failure to do so would render the application kicked out of the Apple Store and other programs on iOS run devices rendering any injunction, unless for a specific company, useless.

The comprehensive 185 page document marking the decision of Judge Rodgers has marked a win for the tech giant as even thought the company has to ease on providing developers options to link out, it was safe from any and all charges of colluding, monopolization and extortion of the developers which was a major part of the lawsuit filed by Epic Games.

As expected, Epic Games has moved forward with the support of the entire community to appeal the decision in a higher court and fight for the hard earned money of the developers that Apple conveniently takes a cut out of that other platforms such as PayPal and others do not charge even remotely close to as much as Apple does.

Tim Cook, Apple Inc. CEO, said during the trial that it would need to come up with a whole new way of charging the developers for their listing and Epic Games 30% out of Apple Pay purchases to Apple is evident of the fact that Apple will find a method to get what it wants.

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