CIRP surveyed as to what consumers do with their old phones when they need to buy new ones?

Mobile phone companies often introduce new devices with cooler and more modern features, and hence consumers are intrigued towards buying it. So, with iPhone 13 paving its way today, which means more iPhone users will be switching to the newer model, Consumer Intelligence Research Partners LLC (CIRP) decided to put together a new report.

The report showed that what users do with their old smartphones, and the data was based in comparison to iPhone and Android users who sell or exchange their mobile phones.

The data from CIRP revealed that iPhones that were sold or traded within one year of use were in better condition compared to Android phones. 65 percent of iPhones were exchanged in better conditions, but the percentage dropped to 60 percent when it came to Android.

However, Android took the lead when it came to battery percentages. Everyone knows Android phones have a better battery life compared to iPhones and even if Android phones get old, the battery remains quite stable while in iPhone it does not. The report showed that after a year of use, only 23 percent of the surveyed consumers said that their iPhones lasted a full day with battery without being recharged even once, while 30 percent of Android users could go on about their data with their battery lasting without being recharged even after a year of use.

The surveyed report also showed one thing, which we believe is the best quality of the modern phones. What is that?

Well, it’s the durability of phone and their longer working life. The phones that are manufactured in this era of technology are turning out to be more durable and lasting than before and the report showed that only 10 percent of both Android and iPhone users broke their phones within one year of use while only 20 percent said that their battery life had weakened up to a few hours only.

But, what the question was raised in the report was that what did the people do with their old phones, when they buy new ones.

While after buying new phones, what users did with them varied from selling it or giving them to friends or family, but the highest result of what Android users did with their phones was that they kept it safe for future uses of emergency while majority of the iPhone users traded their old ones for a new one.
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