An Extra Step Towards Privacy And Transparency By Google Play Services

Google has chipped in all their goods with the new update for the latest release of Android 12 and it seems that the global agenda for transparency and privacy protection has taken for Google to acknowledge its importance and work on improving it to the maximum of their ability along with safe guarding their own source of income through advertisement campaigns.

With Google pushing away from the Android JellyBean over in the summer of 2021, it was expected that they will release a new version of the classic android operating system. However, the series of these names with food references that ended back in 2018 with Android 10 is not coming back and the new version will be called according to the numeric version as Android 12.

With privacy in mind and transparency for advertisement campaigns, Google has decided to present the option to control the content of their advertisements in regards to accuracy by underlining that they are allowed to delete their ads id. This id stores all of the users browsing data and informs the artificial data analytics at the head quarters of Google to run it through machine learning systems in order to present the users with appropriate advertisements from the companies. These ads include products that we have searched or shown an interest in online through any means. The Android terms of service provide Google with power to crunch the data their servers receive from our mobile phone and present ads based on the results.

The Google Play Services ID provides the data to the head quarters through its servers and previously although there was an option to prevent the company from getting any data and therefore suggesting random ads, however, now there is an option to delete the entirety of the ID and therefore, the advertisements that will be shown will be ambiguous, and at times completely unrelated. This process could be observed as linked ads will not be shown indicating that your privacy is air sealed.

This option can be accessed in the settings option and going under the Privacy tag. From there on in the advanced options, the output through Ads on your android device will lead you to the final option to erase or delete the entirety of your ad ID.

However, the complexity of this option results in only the latest running smartphone with Android 12 and Google Play Services Version 21.36.14 or above being able to allow the option to delete the ad ID. This can be reversed and a new ID can be created, but it would take some time for the advertisements to get specific as the data collection and specification happens over a long period of time.


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