The Leading Tech Firms Face The Most Attacks, Google And Microsoft Under Action

The center of the digital age revolves around the few technological firms in the silicon valley that exist to produce not only new ideas over the era but revolutionize the way technology works every year. What has been achieved over the past decade from flip phones to VR devices and digital implants is commendable and with Humans mending in with autotronics, it is to be taken into consideration that the private space that was previously enjoyed as a liberty and guaranteed as a right is becoming increasingly difficult to hold true to.

This notion can be backed up by the recent report from Telefonica Tech’s Cyber Security Report that was highlighted by Atlas VPN for the first half of 2021. The report and the company applauded for its high standards and unmatched accuracy in analyzing threats to digital companies from individual server levels to a grand scheme of across the plate threats only adds on to the credibility of the report.

From amongst the 2000 threats analyzed by Telefonica, almost a thousand of these were respondents over to the two biggest firms. Google led the way with around 550 attacks and Microsoft followed suit with 432 attacks, making 50% of all successful attacks against firms that represent the largest database of users with the most sensitive data and advanced privacy concerns for users.

As explained by the report, not all of these were extremely dangerous threats, however, a significant portion of these attacks was harmful in nature with their score ranging around 10. These constituted to around 50% of all attacks and Google being the most widely used platform consisting of Chrome, Gmail and all of its other subsidiaries proves that these attacks can cause very serious harm and have caused grave problems for state, countries and individuals over the past couple of years.

Microsoft following in also has a database of millions of users and both these companies along with Oracle, Cisco, SAP and five others in the report need to perk up their cyber security to prevent hackers from gaining access to private information on these servers.

However, there are some low level threats that can be ignored by Google and Microsoft as preset sequences against such attacks intervene and cancel them, however, the access to a pathway on high streets allows these same cyber criminals to circumvent or attack other firms through the same methodology causing losses in millions and millions.

The details of the report need to be carefully weighed in and acted upon for the perfect global village and a much safer digital world for all users from all regions.

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