Google May Be Adding The Nudges Feature From Gmail To Its Messages Platform

Recent reports suggest that the Google Nudges feature might be making it's way towards being present on the Messages platform.

Reminders are incredibly useful, no? Of all of the technological developments we've seen in the world, this author is willing to state that the ability to set reminders on one's mobile phone is perhaps one of the most useful of all. It's a relief to not worry about constantly writing stuff down or desperately recalling a task in your mind, so as to not forget it. However, setting reminders for literally everything is a tad bit too inconvenient. If you get a text message that you're too busy to answer, chances are that you'll be too busy to go through the hassle of setting a reminder to check it out later. It really isn't a habit many people develop.

That's where Nudges fits in. In 2018, Google released this feature, integrated into the Gmail interface, where a user would be sent reminders to reply to certain emails. Nudges essentially became a rather useful snooze button that the community could rely on in order to keep track of the messages important enough to reply to. This includes both unanswered emails, as well as those that are believed important enough to warrant a follow up discussion. Settings for the two can be toggled at the user's will, making it a very useful feature indeed.

Only problem is that email isn't necessarily a very common form of communication. While it still holds a high status within professional context (but also shares that position with others such as WhatsApp nowadays), what Nudges could prove to be really useful for is methods of communication such as text messages and the like. People get hundreds of those everyday, and they're much harder to keep track of. It seems that Google is of the same opinion, as Nudges is now making its way to the Messages app.

Reported by XDA Developers, the latest beta build of Google Messages contains strings of code that contain information about Nudges being incorporated. The strings reveal associated functions, such as reminding users of messages that they've forgotten to reply to, and suggesting messages that may need replying to. It's all very similar to the Nudges we recognize from Gmail. Google clearly decided that it had its hands on a good feature here. One that needed a bit more time in the spotlight.

The feature has no official announcement date with regards to its implementation. Google and its devs haven't even acknowledged the presence of the strings yet. However, considering how recent the story is, we might see some new details surfacing in coming days.

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