According to a survey YouTube has become the biggest source through which kids are exposed to advertisements

While previously the biggest source for people to encounter advertisements were newspapers and television, the massive growth in technology has changed that particular aspect in the way of life we live as well.

Previously, when brands wanted to market their products or let people know about something, they used the source of television and newspaper because that was the place that was the most approachable to people to see advertisements by them and also because of this they could generate more revenue.

However, things have changed now and with the change, it was recently concluded that YouTube is the space where the most ads are viewed specially by the kids from the age of 2 till 12.

While we can get a bit annoyed by YouTube’s way of advertisement and two ads in a video can make us go nuts, we cannot deny the fact that people do spend a good amount of time on this video sharing platform, specially the younger generation and hence it has obviously become the place which brands use to market.

A survey by Giraffeinsights which was conducted on children between the age of 2 to 12 to categorize their mode of exposure for ads showed that 70 percent of the children in the United States are exposed to ads through YouTube as compared to TV, while only 36 percent claimed to have seen those ads on TV.

Furthermore, the results in the survey showed that 32 percent children saw the ads on videos that were in demand during that particular time frame, 18 percent saw ads on online videos apart from YouTube, 17 percent saw it on social media advertisements, 14 percent while gaming and 12 percent saw the same advertisements on videos.

This shows that over the time, not only technology has advanced, but it has also changed many aspects of our lives. Social media and platforms such as YouTube have become more common in use than regular TV. However, this also has its drawback.

The children that the survey was conducted on are minors and being exposed to platforms like YouTube for a vast majority of time is very unhealthy for them and their mental health.

H/T: Emarketer.

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