Survey shows Americans are trying to control night screen exposure and you will be surprised to hear that how do they feel when they unplug their tech

There is no doubt that people have increased spending their time on tech screens especially during the pandemic situation when they were bound at home. A recent survey was conducted by SecondSale involving about 2,000 people of the US. The main aim was to find out the everyday screen habits of the people and how do they feel when they unplug their devices. The survey report gave some astonishing facts that people do not want to use their devices at night or at least lessen it to some extent.

The data shows that more than 56 percent of the people involved in the survey said that they want to limit as much as possible using their devices at night especially when they have spent all day in front of the screens. It shows that people understand that staring screen at night can have an adverse effect on their eyes and health too. When people were asked how they feel when they stop using their tech devices. About 54 percent of people said that they feel calm and relaxed after unplugging their devices. 31 percent of the people responded that they feel content. 29 percent of the people answered that they feel free after leaving their devices. 22 percent responded that they feel happy and 17 percent gave the answer that they feel present.

The overall data shows that Americans feel so good when they get rid of using these tech devices as they have involved much in them that they cannot even find time for themselves. 47 percent of respondents said that they are not happy spending much time on screen because they find no time for other activities and stuff. A hefty 63 percent of People want to consume their time on other healthy activities so that they can feel more relaxed and healthy.

The main reason for conducting this survey was for Book Lovers day. People were used to reading a lot of books before and this activity is also decreasing due to the increase in technology, so now, people do no find much time reading books. 2 in every 3 people said that reading books is still one of their favorite activities to pass their time. Consumers are not much interested in reading books on their devices instead, 54 percent of the people said that they want to read physical books instead of reading them on screen. A hefty number of people said that when they read physical books it feels like they are absconding to someplace else.

According to a report, the average time for spending on screen is 5.5 hours a day. Some of the Americans even made their own rules before sleeping that they will avoid the blue light on screens. People now feel that spending time with family and friends and doing their favorite stuff such as cooking, listen to music give them more satisfaction.

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