YouTube will allow users to browse chapters of videos along with several new features

YouTube has really gone out this time as it is launching several new features at once including chapter previews, changes in the channel tab, recommendations for translated videos, and the ability to choose content directly from the gallery to post on stories.
YouTube Is Making Searches More Visual By Allowing Users View Video Chapters In The Search Pages
The first change brought about by YouTube this time around is the inclusion of chapters in search. Often creators include stuff in their titles that can't be found even halfway through the video, causing frustration hence sometimes losing followers. To prevent this and to save loads of precious time, users will now be able to browse through the chapters of a video meaning they would be able to go through the contents of a video to select their portion of interest, right from search pages. Google also did experiment with a similar feature however that did not benefit YouTube much since it was based off the search engine hence played there only.

The second feature, as per Creator Insider, is an experimental one. The current channel tab feature consists of different sections for videos and playlists however the new experimental one begs to differ. Users will now see a playlist column right at the top with (apparently) a never ending list of infinite videos on the bottom. Okay maybe we went a little excessive but all the videos of that particular channel will be available below. This will make browsing through videos a whole lot easier with everything neatly tucked away in one place.

Next we have recommendations for translated videos. Now most of you might deem this feature as irrelevant but it is in fact quite relevant. According to a survey conducted by Mozilla, regrets for choosing and watching the wrong video were 60% more in countries where different languages were spoken. To help these users navigate through videos with English titles, YouTube has a new recommendations algorithm where the platform will recommend videos with English, yes sadly only English for now, titled videos with the respective subtitles. We have to admit this is better than pointless streaming for hours.

Lastly, YouTube enabled the ability to post from your gallery to your stories. Since this feature was launched, users had to browse through their gallery on the application, scroll endlessly to come across the video of interest and then post it. As with all other platforms that support the similar feature, YouTube will now enable users to select the videos and images they want from the source of their choice and post them on their stories. For once, we're relieved about a copied initiative.

So, these were all YouTube had in store this time around and we're sure there's more to come. We look forward to amore simplified YouTube experience with a lot less hassle.

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