Samsung decides to tone down advertisements on three of its proprietary applications

Samsung without any doubt has been one of the top selling and most used mobile devices in the world. Though the smartphones are sold in great numbers and are loved by users, it still has an annoying drawback that users have been long praying to get rid of. What is that?

Well, it is the numerous amounts of Ads that appear on every other application on Samsung smartphones, along with the pre-installed bloatware applications. However, if you are a Samsung user, who is annoyed by this we may have some good news for you.

Reports just rolled in from several media outlets that in a recent meeting the Samsung Mobile Chief TM Roh said that the company will be working towards decreasing the number of ad appearance on its few stock applications.

However, while this was just some news in the air it now has officially been confirmed by Samsung. The company realized that too many advertisements were a nuisance to its users and that they got pretty much annoyed waiting for the ad limit to end before they could carry on with their work and hence it planned on making a few changes in the coming update.

According to the new update, Samsung will be toning down advertisements appearance on three of their proprietary applications that are Weather, Pay and Themes. Though we do not know when this new update will appear and when users would be relieved from ads on these three applications, but what we do know is that it would come sometime this year only. The date or month however has not been revealed.

However, while other installed and pre-installed applications also have the same issue, the reduction of advertisements on these three application is at least a positive step in the right direction and who knows maybe some time in future Samsung devices decide to tone down advertisements on other applications as well.

All in all, this is a great step by Samsung and it shows that the company keeps its users easiness and suggestions under consideration and make decisions revolving around those only. Apart from all this, Samsung is doing great in the mobile market and is coming up with new devices and unique updates every now and then.

We know the tech giant has a lot in store for us in the future and we cannot wait to see what other things will be revealed with.

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