YouTube allows users to browse through comments in various languages with its translation feature test

It has always been a wonder what the Chinese comment on Pewdiepie's video said or what the Indian comment on your favorite chef's video claimed. Well, it won't be as much of a mystery anymore since YouTube is allowing users to translate those comments to reveal what they actually mean but the downside is, it's only meant for Premium subscribers.

Although the feature does seem spicy at first glance, we do have an idea that once we actually translate those comments, they are going to turn out to be the most flat ones of all, however, it's worth a go. This is why the feature is experimental since YouTube doesn't really know how the audience will react. It could either turn out to be a really good response, an unnoticed one, or spark some unwanted fires.

The Premium subscribers will be able to access this new feature through the translation button located below the comment. This particular comment will not be in your language. For instance, the button would be located beneath Portuguese comment if your original language on the platform is English. Of course, it can be turned back to its original version through the 'original' option replaced by the 'translate'.

We aren't entirely sure if the feature was needed and feel like it could be a result of unnecessary pressure through other social platforms but in the long run this could turn out to be useful. It could help increase engagement, inform users, and might even contribute to a higher awareness. If you belong to one of the minority regions hence use a language that isn't English, your days of making fun of people in the dark are over now, not that we're accusing anyone.

Moreover, the feature could be used entirely differently than how it was intended. For instance one might delve into the comments of useless videos and spend hours over a pointless bicker instead of using the opportunity to get the feedback of video from a region you might not be that familiar with. If we were to use the feature, we would definitely read hours worth of bickers though.

The feature will be available to Premium users from 9th September onwards however it is important to note that the feature is just an experiment and YouTube's still not sure whether it really is needed or the outcome of it. This is why YouTube has especially asked for feedback and made a little announcement beforehand instead of just going ahead with the trial.

Since we do not know when this feature will launch for everyone, we cannot be too excited about it. However we do look forward to translating comments very soon so hit up all your friends with Premium accounts to take a swing at the juicy comments hidden behind for so long.

H/T: AP.

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