Apple's new Safari update is having mixed reactions launching with the iOS beta 15

While technology is generally progressing, however, sometimes, it seems like Apple is regressing. This opinion is brought about by the tech giant's latest decision to turn the Safari design back to the previous one which the users apparently preferred more. In the iOS 15 you will observe the old Safari format instead of the current floating one. Furthermore users would also be able to locate the address bar on the screen according to their choice, either the top or the bottom. Since the redesign was already receiving the exposure Apple thought it would, it isn't a wonder the tech giant decided to go back to the old format.

The layout majorly depends on the user. Since the address bar can be placed at either position, it will determine the overall outlook. If the user decides to place it at the bottom, it will be positioned right above the controls which were previously incorporated in the address bar. This time around, they would be present below and if the user decides to place the address bar on top, then the look will be similar to what we've already experienced before in the iOS 14.

H/T: Federico Viticci

Safari has been the target to all minor changes Apple made in the past with the layout changing every once in a while. Of course, users never were satisfied with what they got hence the tweaking never stopped. It is important to note that Apple never made any big decisions with the layout, sometimes changing the address bar, other times a few control buttons but nothing excessive. This calls for cries from every single user demanding a style with less floating around.

The new change is bound to create a lot more diversity therefore pleasing more users. The ability to choose the position not only provides more control but way more freedom as well. Users have the option to place their address bar wherever they like which will increase more problems for developers but since users are happy, Apple couldn't care less.

This satisfies both the kind of users that liked the old version better as well as those that would like to adapt to something new. We would prefer our address bar to be on top but we're not too sure how we would like the look of the websites then. Anyhow, we do look forward to seeing the new update soon.

Safari has always been quite experimental and its new update is the talk of the town now. This safari version will only be available on iPhones hence the other versions are not available yet and we hear no news of any updates any time soon.

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