WhatsApp releases a test version of its payment system which will largely make sending money through the app easier

Technology sure has brought the world closer together and it has made it a global village with every person connected to one another through the internet. With internet gaining a large amount of popularity in the last two decades, digital companies have experienced a boom in their growth. These companies more or less have brought about a revolution into day to day life and business since they have transformed elements of daily life for example socializing and buying/selling, since they are shifting them mainly towards the internet. With more and more people joining internet, the shift is only going to increase in the next few years.

Another sector that is seeming to largely shift focus towards the internet is the banking and payment sector, this is largely because innovations such as digital wallets and mobile controlled bank accounts are quickly replacing the ‘good ol’ cash’ people carry around. Digital payments however are a more recent concept which is why there is a lot of market that’s left to be captured in this industry thus tech and banking giants are aiming to bring about products and features that help with digital payments.

Facebook’s daughter company ‘WhatsApp’ is also amongst the list of companies that developed a payment system for its users through which they can easily give out payments to other WhatsApp users. With WhatsApp being the largest messaging service with around 2 billion monthly users, this feature was a success in the digital money industry. WhatsApp however released the feature in limited countries including India and Brazil.

While the payment system released by WhatsApp was effective however, it was slow since previously users had to open chat actions before sending a payment.

To develop a much faster system WhatsApp have now developed a newer and faster way to send payments. The company have released a test version of it for Indian and Brazilian users on WhatsApp Android beta version 2.21.17.

As per WABI, This feature is located under the attachment column located at the left side of the camera button. This button once clicked on will allow users to type in the information and easily send the payment to the recipient thus allowing for payments to be made within a few taps. With WhatsApp making payments so easy, it will experience a large amount of money moving through its platform soon.

For those awaiting its release, the new payment feature is first expected to be released in WhatsApp iOS version and then its Android version, however if you are too excited to use it then you can find it on WhatsApp beta version for Android.

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