WhatsApp after rolling out design changes in its iOS version, is finally working on the ever awaited multi device 2.0 feature

WhatsApp in the past few years have completely dominated the messaging applications market and continues to do so, the company as of now has around 2 billion active users. No other messaging application has been able to acquire such a massive user base.

There are a lot of things that differ WhatsApp from its competitors however, the most primary reason is the platform’s unique and useful updates that makes it better each time. WhatsApp throughout this year has brought about quite a few updates, the platform however recently seems more invested towards its iOS version.

WhatsApp, as per WABetaInfo, in its latest iOS ( update made some design changes in the contact info, these design changes are only for the contact info of business accounts.

iOS users now viewing the contact info of business accounts, will see a completely different contact info that is more organized. The contact info will have 3 small boxes which includes the message, voice call and forward contact buttons. Other than these three buttons the contact info will contain 2 more boxes that display the business type and its description.

This design change surely does make the contact info for business accounts simpler and easy to understand.

In an another discovery WABI reveled that, WhatsApp after this design change is now planning to bring about the ever awaited 2.0 version of its multi device feature.

The multi device feature allows for users to connect one WhatsApp account on multiple devices including phones, tablets and computers. This surely is a great feature for people with multiple devices such as Tablets and laptops since it allows them to use their WhatsApp on any of them.

While the feature does allow WhatsApp to be connected with up to four devices, it doesn’t however allow it to connect with another phone, this means that the feature is only made for support devices such as iPad, Android Tablets and PCs.

WhatsApp with the release of this feature will also end the use of the annoying WhatsApp web which disconnects when the phone is switched off, since connecting WhatsApp to your phone using the multi device feature will allow you to use it even after you turn off your phone or its connection.

The beta version of the multi device feature was released earlier this year and users since then have anticipated the official release of it. WhatsApp has plans to release the feature with future updates.

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