A Research Conducted By eMarketer Highlights TikTok's User Growth Is Steadily Expanding In These Countries

eMarketer recently conducted a study, ranking the top 10 countries across the world on the basis of TikTok's user growth in 2021.

The short form video sharing social media platform has accrued such an active interest in the general populace that its impact on pop culture cannot be ignored. What makes TikTok even more special is its relatively short lifespan, especially when compared to social media behemoths such as Facebook and Twitter. Yet, it is the Chinese video platform that has the world's sights set on it. While TikTok's current success has been met with a lot of friction, what with many countries across the world attempting to ban it, the fact remains: the Gen Z darling is a trend setting, trail blazing wonder that'll be around for a while.

Naturally, with such an impressive standing amongst its social media peers, TikTok must also have a burgeoning, diverse userbase to deal with as well. Another unique aspect of the app is that its community is made up of people from all different ages and ethnic backgrounds. TikTok is not a platform for the average white American, it's a place for everyone. Naturally, especially with the app being used as an active advertising machine, the question is posed: what country has the biggest contribution to the TikTok community? This is a question that analysts at the marketing firm eMarketer took upon themselves to answer.

The methodology is very simple to follow: by compiling data for TikTok's userbase from different researches and surveys, all relevant to the year 2021, eMarketer has established its top 10 countries, ranked by their TikTok user growth. The countries are, from first to tenth, Malaysia, the UK, Denmark, France, Italy, Germany, Norway, Finland, Spain, and Russia. This establishes quite a lot of things right from the get go. First of all, it seems clear that much of TikTok's future is almost certainly to be determined by its European userbase, with almost all entries being part of the EU. It also may come as a surprise that the USA is nowhere to be seen on this list, which clearly means that the average American is perhaps less concerned with TikTok as the trending page may lead us to believe.

Finally, Malaysia leading the charts goes to show just how dedicated the Asian community is to this app. Makes sense, TikTok is after all an Asian product. But who knows how results could have further been impacted, had other Asian countries such as Pakistan and India, once a major part of the userbase, not banned the app from public use.

A Research Conducted By eMarketer Highlights The Future Of TikTok With This Top 10 Countries List

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