Instagram amid rising privacy concerns is working on a Cookies data permissions section

Cookies which were invented back in 1994 are still an integral part of the internet, the feature still largely serves web and app developers in large companies. Cookies, once embedded into a website asks visitors if they want to accept it, once a visitor hits accept, Cookies does its work and start saving small user browsing data such as any personal information they entered or in the case of ecommerce sites their shopping carts. The information provided by cookies is then used by companies to make their website and app experience better, while also using the information for marketing and advertising purposes.

With a large percentage of the internet being on social networks, there is a massive amount of advertisements on them thus these social sites also use Cookies so that they can collect user data and target them effectively. While this practice has been going on in social media for a long time, users recently have started raising concerns over the use of Cookies and other means of data collection, since they believe that it harms their privacy and personal data.

Following rising privacy concerns between users, many social platforms started to change their cookies privacy settings and have started making them much more limited and user controllable. A recent example of this is the famous media sharing application ‘Instagram’, which is rumored to be working on integrating more privacy friendly cookies into their platform, as spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi.

Instagram amid rising privacy concerns is working on a Cookies data permissions section

Instagram alongside its parent company Facebook was receiving a large amount of criticism from users for its data sharing practices.

If you read the official policy page of Instagram Cookies, you'll be mesmerized by the fact that how much data this little piece of tracking tech can collect:
"We use cookies, pixels, local storage, and similar technologies to show you relevant content, improve your experience, and help protect Instagram and our users.... We may use these technologies to collect information about how you use the Service, for example which pages you go to most often and whether you get error messages from certain pages. Instagram or our advertising partners may use these technologies to deliver advertising that is relevant to your interests. These technologies can remember that your device has visited a site or service, and may also be able to track your device's browsing activity on other sites or services other than Instagram. This information may be shared with organizations outside Instagram, such as advertisers and / or advertising networks to deliver the advertising, and to help measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. We may use these technologies to understand, improve, and research products and services."
Facebook and other platforms owned by it have in the past already received large setbacks due to privacy concerns, which is probably why Instagram is now planning to provide users with a Cookies privacy section.

Once released the Cookies privacy feature will likely be located in the settings section under the data permissions column. The Cookies privacy section will enable users to control the amount of information that they want to provide Instagram with. This new feature once released will likely provide concerned users with a sense of security about their privacy on Instagram.

With Facebook introducing more privacy friendly features on its platforms, it is likely that the amount of criticism that it receives over data concerns will decrease, or perhaps it'll just give users a sense of control over their data.

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