WhatsApp launches a new disappearing image option, which will not let the sent images stay in the chat preview

WhatsApp without any doubt is the best online messaging application out there and the company has a pretty huge number of users who rely on them for communicating with friends and family.

The tech giant realizes the important role it plays in their users lives and hence is always working towards introducing new and unique features. Among all these features, the latest one has got to be the new disappearing photos in WhatsApp, which is quite similar to what Messenger and Instagram introduced a few months back.

While previously when you sent pictures on WhatsApp they appeared in the chat box constantly until deleted by you and were automatically saved in the gallery as well if the settings were at default.

However, the new WhatsApp feature will allow you to send pictures but with a twist. Through the newly introduced disappearing pictures option, users when click a picture directly off the WhatsApp camera or select it from the gallery can tap on the option of 'view once' and unlike normal pictures that you send, the pictures with this selected option will not appear as a preview in chat like it normally does.

It will be viewed by the receiver only once and will then be erased from the conversation forever.

The new feature according to WhatsApp will help users in sending more private moments or sensitive information which they do not want to stay on the chat display. However, what the tech giant wants people to know is that, unlike Snapchat where it notified you that the receiver had taken a screenshot of the image before it disappeared, the WhatsApp feature will not and hence if someone takes a screenshot of the image sent to them through the new disappearing feature, the sender will not know about it. Apart from this, the company also stated that reported view once images can later be accessible by the company which means it stays in their data for a long time.

While the feature needs a few changes like the notification alert for when screenshots are taken, and few more, apart from this it is a great feature without doubt and we hope the company keeps on bringing just as amazing features in the near future too. We are sure it has a lot in store for us and we cannot wait to find out what else will it be launching in the near future.

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