YouTube encouraging users to make #Shorts videos by paying them a hefty amount

YouTube is the most popular online video watching and streaming application, on which thousands of creators posts videos every day. It is also a great place where users make a pretty great income from. However, streaming and videos on channels is not the only main focus of YouTube now and the tech giant introduced a feature called “Shorts” a while back.

The “Shorts” are small duration videos specifically under 60 seconds similar to TikTok and YouTube now has come up with a great way to encourage its audience to use Shorts.

The tech giant announced that it will be paying users who use the Shorts option up to 10,000 dollars every month and has planned on paying 100 million dollars to creators by the end of this year.

The purpose of this is to encourage users in making shorts and getting paid in return. While creators could post one minute videos on their main channel as well, through the shorts feature they will be able to keep all their musical TikTok like videos in one place.

Apart from this, YouTube pays its creators through the ads which emerge in between their videos, however considering shorts are only one-minute-long, posting an ad after every video could have only been a nuisance and hence YouTube came up with this new way.

While in longer videos, the earned revenue for creators’ dependent on the ad views their video received, the payment for shorts will work differently. It will be dependent on just how many people are making shorts, which users are getting popular in which region and how many views are they getting. However, it is not necessary that every short creator could receive payments, the popular one’s sure will and currently the payments will only be available to creators in 10 regions including UK, US, India etc. and, there are some rules set by the company.

YouTube states that videos posted in shorts by creators should be original and any video that is directed off TikTok, Snapchat or any other platform, videos like these would not be qualified for payments.

The main purpose of such efforts by YouTube is so that it can compete with TikTok in this category and considering how YouTube has a massive following pretty big than TikTok, if it encourages it users well, there are chances that creators opt YouTube Shorts as their first choice for short music videos in the near future.

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