Instagram Refocuses on Small Businesses With Latest Features

Instagram has been trying to become a hub for small businesses for quite some time now because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing it to enter a whole new industry that can help sustain it in the long run. One tool that Instagram introduced in January to try and help businesses grow as much as possible was the professional dashboard.

This dashboard, which is only available to those with Business and Creator accounts, is a source of analytics that businesses can use to see how their contents and ads are faring online. Instagram is now adding some new features, such as a list of already popular campaigns that small businesses can learn from. There are two new sections that would be offering this information, namely the 'See How Other Business Connect With People' and 'See How Other Businesses Are Growing' sections.

These two sections come under an overarching “Stay Informed” section that is meant to educate small businesses about how they can go about growing their enterprises on the platform. Instagram has also made it so that insights will now be available to 60 days rather than 30 days. This can give businesses more of a chance to see how their posts perform over the long term so that they can make the requisite changes that would result in their posts becoming a lot more successful in the long run.

The Stay Informed section can also help businesses to come up with new and unique ideas about how they can go about marketing themselves on the platform. They can get these ideas from posts that are already doing well, thereby molding their strategy and incorporating more elements that might have made other posts really successful as well.

Instagram is clearly going full steam ahead with this approach, and this is really good news for businesses that might have otherwise struggled to gain a foothold. It has vowed to add a lot more to the dashboard as well as a variety of other features and tools that small business can use as well.

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