Whatsapp follows Twitter's long dead feature, Twitter Fleets

WhatsApp's very new update, not yet launched publicly, is in pursuit of Twitter's old and now dead feature; Twitter Fleets.

The new WhatsApp update is going to be a part of the app going to be launched soon in the upcoming versions. As per WABI, this will be tested out on a small set of Beta users for now although we do not know when the update will be launched since it is still under development.

WhatsApp's new initiative will create status updates that are visible through the contact info. WhatsApp launched the status column a while back when it was criticized quite a bit considering Instagram decided to launch the same update at that very moment and both were considered to be Snapchat copycats.

The lack of originality is once again evident as WhatsApp's new update could be mistaken as a version of Twitter's former try, the Fleets. It was a space created to make users feel more secure with their random thoughts that won't make it to their main feed since it was supposed to disappear 24 hours later. However since users weren't active much on the space, it was later eliminated.

We can also call this initiative a take on the Instagram version where users can click on the profile pictures on DMs and browse stories. This time around, however, WhatsApp's version will give users the opportunity to choose between two options. When clicking on a profile, there will be a pop-up with two options asking the users whether they want to see the profile picture or the status update.

Since users were very well aware of the #fleet death, it isn't a wonder that they're already doubting the success of its WhatsApp version. Although users are skeptical, we need to wait for the launch to see if it works or not.

Along with this, WhatsApp is promising to launch several other features including pictures and videos that disappear after viewing once. The feature has already made a statement on both Snapchat and Instagram however we do need to stop being so skeptical about these overlapping features since there's only so much creativity that social media developers can engage in.

It also enabled users to join video calls after they've started, so that no one misses out anymore since the pandemic has caused everyone to strap in and stay under the covers, meaning less human contact with video calls being the only way to feel connected.

The platform also plans to launch several new features like sticker packs and has an extensive plan on the betterment of the business model. Now business users would be able to contact each other effortlessly and much faster.

We're quite satisfied with the list of WhatsApp updates the platform has in store for us, however, we cannot help but remain skeptical about its Twitter Fleet version. We have our fingers crossed and hope this version doesn't meet the grave as fast.

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