New Update to Google’s Find My Device App Reveals Intriguing Information

Google is attempting to provide an answer to Apple’s Find My iPhone app by improving its Find My Device feature, one that would enable various users to find out where their device is as well as the devices of a lot of other people if they so choose and if they have the requisite permissions for this.

Details regarding this app have been somewhat scant, but as per XDA, a new update to the app has revealed a lot of information. For example, we now know that the app is also going to tell you whether or not it is close by along with other details that could come in very handy in situations where you might have lost your phone. This app will obviously also come in handy if your phone were to ever be stolen, something that can occur regardless of how many precautions you might try to take to attempt to prevent it.

Another feature that quite a few people are undoubtedly going to find to be useful is the ability to mark your device as lost. This can put an alert out and you can keep getting updates about wherever it is. Seeing it’s last known location can give you quite a bit of information to work with that would go a long way towards helping you find the phone that you have lost. Once you have recovered your phone, you can mark it as found on the app.

Overall this is turning out to be a pretty solid app from Google. While the search engine giant is definitely late to the party as Apple has had a version of this app for a really long time now, this is definitely a positive development. People won’t have to rely on third party apps anymore, although the creators of those apps might be worried about the new competition.

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