New update brings dark mode and better insights to YouTube Studio

With more social media and entertainment platforms coming up, the competition in the industry has largely increased. Social networks have now started to realize that in order to gain more users to their platforms they would have to work on what attracts users and that are 'creators' that create interesting content on platforms and are the ones that keep the platforms alive. With this realization, several social and entertainment platforms have started to introduce new creator friendly updates such as revenue streams for creators.

The biggest video streaming platform 'YouTube', is also a platform that is regarded for coming up with unique updates that favors its creators. Recently YouTube has made some changes on its infamous creator’s studio, the creator studio following the changes have gotten more user friendly, informative and useful.

The first change that YouTube Studio has brought about in its new update is the much awaited 'dark mode', the dark mode is on YouTube for a long time now, however creators also wanted to have the feature on the YouTube Studio, since the dark mode helps ease the eyes and gives a much more laid back effect than the bright white background. YouTube Studio in the dark mode will also provide users with an alternate color palette, which not only gives the whole app a new look, but also ease the eyes. Switching into dark mode on the YouTube Studio is the same as that of the YouTube app, thus can be switched easily by going into settings.

New update brings dark mode and better insights to YouTube Studio

Apart from introducing dark mode, YouTube Studio following the update has gotten some pretty serious changes. The YouTube Studio has now gotten an autocomplete hashtag suggest that suggests the user different related hashtags that they might want to use. The ‘hashtag suggest’ not only suggest users with hashtags but also provide insights into each of the hashtag. This means that alongside the hashtag suggestion, will be mentioned the number of videos and channels that uses the hashtag. This will largely guide users upon which hashtag to use thus increasing their overall reach.

Another important change that this update brought about is the mentions tab, that is located under the comments tab. This tab is designed to show the creator all the comments that have been mentioned in. This feature will also effectively separate the mentions and comments.

Apart from that, YouTube has also announced the Android and iOS application of YouTube Studio will get the Analytics feature, thus making the YouTube Studio application more in line with the web version.

These changes, however small, will surely bring great utility to creators on YouTube.

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