User Face Delays in the Launch of Ticket Spaces and Super Follows Despite the Applications Being Sent Out In June

Twitter is definitely among the user favorite application, as tweeters find it a great place to vent out their thoughts and feelings within a given number of characters without the fear of the community judging them.

It is a safe space for many in simple words.

The social giant realizes that it has a huge community who enjoys their platform and while there were other platforms who provided their users a chance to earn through their application, Twitter lacked behind in this and hence it decided that this needed to change. It announced two new features both of which it has failed to deliver yet.

Twitter announced the launch of two new features popularly known as Super Follows and Ticket Spaces, both of which would help users earn money.

If you are wondering how?

The answer to that is, users who cross a certain number of followers will be able to avail the Super Follow button on their profile. Their followers who want to be their super followers would have to pay a certain type of subscription amount to see Tweets which will be specifically only visible to the paid followers. Non super followers will not be able to see such tweets.

Apart from that, Ticket Spaces, allowed the space host to charge people to enter their audio room and was beneficial in earning money that way.

However, while these features were announced in June and the application forms for it were also released, none of the applicants have yet received this feature.

While people had started thinking why there was a delay, Twitter this week came forward with a statement.

The company announced that it had received an overwhelming response with its application but (as reported by Matt Navarra) due to some unexpected technical issues there have been a delay in response.

It also stated that the company is trying their best to send out the monetization features for testing really soon and is really excited for this new introduction.

For those who could not sign up for the new features Twitter announced that currently it only has a small number of participants who will receive these features for testing purposes, however, it will keep on adding more participants in the coming months.

Twitter is doing great with all the features it is introducing and we cannot wait to see how well the two new features will do for users in monetization purposes.

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